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Android Bug – This time Everything is effected!

Since I wrote my posts on Stagefright and CVE-2015-3842 vulnerability wihtin Android yet another potentially very serious security flaw has been revealed in the Android core. This time the problem is a bit deep rooted in the core of the operating system and involves the mobile operating system’s multitasking feature i.e. its ability to run more than one app […]

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Samsung and MIT can make batteries last forever

Brace yourself for if this thing works out with Samsung and MIT then your battery woes would soon become a thing of past! The company in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claims to have figured out a way to make batteries last “indefinitely”. Batteries traditionally have always used a liquid as an electrolyte. […]

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Android nightmares continue. Yet another flaw hitting 55% mobiles

  I wish this weren’t so. I really do. But since I wrote my post Android is broken. How cautious should firms be with BYOD? there has been a discovery of yet another critical vulnerability dubbed CVE-2015-3825 impacting roughly 55% of Android devices out in the open. Leveraging a flaw in the OpenSSLX509Certificate class of the […]

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Lenovo caught using rootkit like techniques to install bloatware on laptops

Bad Lenovo. Bad bad bad Lenovo. If you are like me the first thing you would probably do after buying a new laptop is to format it to base vanilla Windows image. All manufacturers be it Samsung, Lenovo or anyone else pre-installs loads of bloatware crap on their factory built laptops which either degrades the whole […]

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Microsoft ridicules Google ahem Alphabet

Microsoft seems to be officially having fun at Google’s expense. On the heels of the recent launch of Alphabet the new company headed by Sergy and Larry Microsoft has sent out a rather tongue in cheek message to the communities at large. The official home of Alphabet is Now if you were to hit […]

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Android is broken. How cautious should firms be with BYOD?

A host of rather catastrophic vulnerabilities have been recently discovered in the Android operating system. Perhaps the most scary of those is Stagefright which allows a hacker to remotely execute malicious code by simply sending a MMS to the target device. As a user there isn’t much you can do to not get messed up […]

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Google now allows you to download your search history

Google has recently opened up its archive download service which will allow you to download your Internet search history in a couple of easy steps. To begin you will need to login to your Google account. Then navigate to the Google’s search homepage. Towards the bottom right hand corner of the page a link titled […]

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Fixing Patterns for Async MVVM Applications

Download the code here –AsyncCommands If you like this post you might also like an interesting post on Deadlocks while using tasks. This post is a follow up on Stephen Cleary’s excellent post on MSDN here which is a series of articles he wrote to explain how Tasks based patterns can be effectively adopted for GUI/MVVM applications. […]

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Deadlocks when using Tasks – solved

In my last post Deadlocks when using Tasks I explained how this innocent looking piece of code can cause a GUI app to deadlock and die. I proceeded to explain the reasons behind this behaviour. In this post I aim to discuss one possible solution to this problem and highlight some potential design considerations that you […]

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