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Deadlocks when using Tasks

What is wrong with this code? public static class NiksMessedUpCode { private static async Task DelayAsync() { await Task.Delay(1000); } public static void Test() { // Start the delay. var delayTask = DelayAsync(); // Wait for the delay to complete. delayTask.Wait(); } }   The code compiles without errors yet there is something really terrible […]

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Installing Windows 8.1 from USB – UEFI and GPT Issues

My primary laptop is a Samsung Chronos Series 7 machine that came with Windows 8 pre-loaded. Although there was nothing wrong with it the machine did have a considerable amount of usual vendor bloat-ware that is installed on mostly every machine these days. On the recent release of Windows 8.1 I decided to do a […]

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Android Device Manager Now Available

This would come as a great news to all those who own a Android phone. Until now the phones have not had an elegant iPhone equivalent of “Find My Phone” feature. This however changes today! Google has finally released and made available the Android Device Manager for most android devices. In a nutshell once activated […]

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Lets talk about Virtual Memory

It was an interesting discussion I was having with a few teams off late around profiling their applications, troubleshooting some resource consumption issues and the general nature of ¬†how Windows internal works when someone made a very interesting comment about “Virtual Memory”. While the comment itself wasn’t very important the apparent misconceptions that are prevalent […]

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Compiling TFS 2010 Build Activities on VS 2012 Build Server

Background One of the applications that I manage is a rather complex TFS 2010 beast of a build workflow that is used across the organisation to provide auditable and golden reproducible builds for the teams in the bank. Basically as per the compliance policies that all financial institutions must adhere to the applications that are […]

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Automating NuGet Installation

Background For the past few months we have been working on a strategy to enable a NuGet-y style of dependency lifecycle management for a large-scale enterprise. This entails establishing a system to take care of 7000+ developers distributed geographically all across the planet working across time zones. The environment is heavily regulated with a special […]

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