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Google.com bought for 12 dollars!

Sanmay Ved an ex Google and current Amazon employee managed to buy google.com domain for $12! Oh yeah this is one of those moments where even your grandmother would go like Noone seems to know exactly what happened. However as per Sanmay’s Linked In postĀ for a brief one minute moment suddenly Google Domains showed the […]

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Microsoft ridicules Google ahem Alphabet

Microsoft seems to be officially having fun at Google’s expense. On the heels of the recent launch of Alphabet the new company headed by Sergy and Larry Microsoft has sent out a rather tongue in cheek message to the communities at large. The official home of Alphabet is http://abc.xyz. Now if you were to hit […]

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Google now allows you to download your search history

Google has recently opened up its archive download service which will allow you to download your Internet search history in a couple of easy steps. To begin you will need to login to your Google account. Then navigate to the Google’s search homepage. Towards the bottom right hand corner of the page a link titled […]

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