Android Device Manager Now Available

This would come as a great news to all those who own a Android phone. Until now the phones have not had an elegant iPhone equivalent of “Find My Phone” feature.

This however changes today! Google has finally released and made available the Android Device Manager for most android devices. In a nutshell once activated on your Android device it would allow you to track your android device, wipe it, play notifications etc. on it via Google’s own web site at

To activate – Hit the link AND sign in. (Location may not yet be live on EVERY device but it is going live in phases so keep checking!).‎

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is now live and is auto-rolling out to ALL Android devices this week. Locate your phone, Ring at full volume (even when silent) and Wipe from ANY browser.

To activate Remote Wipe – (on your device) go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators (you can also do this via the Website when you log on).

– Ring your device at full volume. Even when its on silent.
– Reset your lockscreen password. (Coming soon.)
– Remote factory reset/wipe lost or stolen devices. (SD card will be unaffected remember.)
– Locate device from any browser. Live very soon! Accurate to <25m. Android Device Manager is built in to the system. Google Location Services. So go on, set it up, give it a go!

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