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Error using TFS Power Tools – Task “WITs” from Group “WorkItemTracking” failed

You might have come across this error while trying to create a new Team Poject using TFS Power Tools 2012-05-28T10:05:52 | Module: Work Item Tracking | Thread: 17 | Uploading work item type from file ‘C:\Documents and Settings\usdr\Local Settings\Temp\TPW_tmp23.tmp\WorkItem Tracking\TypeDefinitions\Bug.xml’…<br>—begin Exception entry—<br>Time: 2012-05-28T10:05:52<br>Module: Engine<br>Event Description: TF30162: Task “WITs” from Group “WorkItemTracking” failed<br>Exception Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.PcwException<br>Exception Message: […]

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Compile a specific changeset with Team Build 2010 (TFS)

By default the Team Foundation Server 2010’s build engine pulls the latest version of the code when you queue a build with any build definition. However it is very easy to override this and specify what changeset or label you want to compile instead of the latest version. To achieve this queue a build definition […]

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