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Create TFS Work Item from Outlook

TMO-TFS Meets Outlook! is an excellent Outlook Add in that connects Team Foundation Server (Visual Studio Online) and Outlook. You can create Work Items in on premises TFS or Visual Studio Team Online from Microsoft Outlook Email using TMO. Once a work item is created in TFS or Visual Studio Online corresponding to an Outlook […]

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Azure SQL Server Firewall Rule Bug

It appears there is a probable bug in the factory that handles SQL Connections to Microsoft Azure.Today while publishing a code first migration project to SQL Server I kept running into this problem every time I used Visual Studio’s publish method to “Test Connection” to my SQL Server or if I tried running update-database command […]

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Leadership and Management

The words “Leader” and “Leadership” often inspire a plethora of divergent thought streams which translate into a number of separate yet simultaneous definitions for these words. Some of the best minds in the world call these as virtues, while others would term them as traits yet someone else would perhaps describe them as qualities. My […]

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Transient Exception Handling Circuit Breaker Pattern and Polly

Circuit Breaker pattern is a rather interesting pattern which was discussed in the Release It book. This pattern provides a mechanism to wrap “unpredictable code” i.e. calls to external services within a fabric that manages the execution of the actual code and takes certain actions if a certain pre-defined failure rate has been reached or […]

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Connect to LocalDB via SQL Server Management Studio

If you are like me (then you need help!) you probably don’t like much using Visual Studio to talk to an instance of LocalDB. For the uninitated here is the definition of LocalDB shamelessly poached from MSDN “LocalDB is an execution mode of SQL Server Express targeted to program developers. LocalDB installation copies a minimal […]

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Fixing laptop overheating. Thermal paste on Heat sinks

It has been years since I did something like this! For those who don’t know at one point in my life I ran a business in England buying, selling, fixing laptops and other related computing articles. Back then one of the most common causes of frequent laptop crashes used to be over-heating of laptop’s core […]

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Sanmay Ved an ex Google and current Amazon employee managed to buy domain for $12! Oh yeah this is one of those moments where even your grandmother would go like Noone seems to know exactly what happened. However as per Sanmay’s Linked In post for a brief one minute moment suddenly Google Domains showed the […]

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26 Android Models shipped with pre-installed Malware

OK go on and say it – Nik you have something against the Android. I don’t. I really don’t. I don’t like the whole Android eco-sytem or the whole fractured distribution model but I personally have nothing against Android. It was a bold and ambitious move by Google which certainly did pay off very well. At […]

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