Samsung and MIT can make batteries last forever

Image courtsey howtogeek

Brace yourself for if this thing works out with Samsung and MIT then your battery woes would soon become a thing of past! The company in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claims to have figured out a way to make batteries last “indefinitely”.

Batteries traditionally have always used a liquid as an electrolyte. This is the solution which conducts electricity through the battery. As per Samsung and MIT if this liquid is instead replaced by a solid electrolyte it could potentially increase the life of a battery exponentially. Usually when a battery is charged it gradually starts degrading which is why we often need to replace them. By swapping the liquid electrolyte with a solid one instead the degradation is stemmed and potentially allows the battery to undergo hundreds of thousands of charge cycles without any noticeable decrease in performance.

If this technology becomes commercially feasible then it could really be a game changer not just in terms of extending battery life but also in the areas of safety and other concerns that have been traditionally associated with batteries. As MIT so eloquently puts it

You could throw it against the wall, drive a nail through it. There’s nothing there to burn

via The Korea Times

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