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Create TFS Work Item from Outlook

TMO-TFS Meets Outlook! is an excellent Outlook Add in that connects Team Foundation Server (Visual Studio Online) and Outlook. You can create Work Items in on premises TFS or Visual Studio Team Online from Microsoft Outlook Email using TMO. Once a work item is created in TFS or Visual Studio Online corresponding to an Outlook […]

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Error using TFS Power Tools – Task “WITs” from Group “WorkItemTracking” failed

You might have come across this error while trying to create a new Team Poject using TFS Power Tools 2012-05-28T10:05:52 | Module: Work Item Tracking | Thread: 17 | Uploading work item type from file ‘C:\Documents and Settings\usdr\Local Settings\Temp\TPW_tmp23.tmp\WorkItem Tracking\TypeDefinitions\Bug.xml’…<br>—begin Exception entry—<br>Time: 2012-05-28T10:05:52<br>Module: Engine<br>Event Description: TF30162: Task “WITs” from Group “WorkItemTracking” failed<br>Exception Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.PcwException<br>Exception Message: […]

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