Error using TFS Power Tools – Task “WITs” from Group “WorkItemTracking” failed

You might have come across this error while trying to create a new Team Poject using TFS Power Tools

2012-05-28T10:05:52 | Module: Work Item Tracking | Thread: 17 | Uploading work item type from file ‘C:\Documents and Settings\usdr\Local Settings\Temp\TPW_tmp23.tmp\WorkItem Tracking\TypeDefinitions\Bug.xml’…<br>—begin Exception entry—<br>Time: 2012-05-28T10:05:52<br>Module: Engine<br>Event Description: TF30162: Task “WITs” from Group “WorkItemTracking” failed<br>Exception Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.PcwException<br>Exception Message: TF24016: Cannot find team project ‘MyTestG’.<br>Stack Trace:<br>at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.WitPcwPlugin.PcwPluginComponentCreator.Execute(ProjectCreationContext ctxt, XmlNode taskXml)<br>at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.ProjectCreationEngine.TaskExecutor.PerformTask(IProjectComponentCreator componentCreator, ProjectCreationContext context, XmlNode taskXml)<br>at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.ProjectCreationEngine.RunTask(Object taskObj)<br>– Inner Exception –<br>Exception Message: TF24016: Cannot find team project ‘MyTestG’. (type WitPcwFatalException)

In most cases this error is due to cache problem on the user’s local machine where this tool is being run from. To resolve this issue

1. Close any instances of Visual Studio if open.

2. Delete everything from this location C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Team Foundation\3.0\Cache


Hope this helps!


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  1. deleting (all) the caches folder worked for me. Switching between TFS Installations seems to be a problem. After switching from TFS2010 to TFS2012 nothing really works. Some times I can’t even connect to a project. Deleting the cache folders and reopening VS seems to be a workaround. But I don’t really understand how a local cache can affect creating a team project (which I think should mainly be a process on the server) …

    • This is quite interesting. I think this whole VS2012 and VS2010 side by side install compatibility leaves a lot to wish for. I have walked into so many recent pitfals with this that I now try to avoid having these two on the same machine. For instance I recently installed VS2012 on a machine where I also have VS2010. Now all my previous projects where I was playing around with customizing TFS 2010 workflows simply wouldn’t work because a lot of TFS client DLLs have been auto upgraded to their new versions!

      I reckon the problems you are facing also stem from the fact that installing VS2012 leads to an in-place upgrade of .NET framework amongst other things (such as TFS DLLs). I recently wrote a post about this (although I didn’t target the impact on TFS) which you might want to check out 🙂

      • I now have a completely new installed machine with vs2010 on it and connecting to our tfs2012 worked as expected, but I can’t create team projects because it says I have no permission. Changed to another machine with vs2012 on it, there creating projects works … ?

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